Holiday Cottage Website DesignThe brief for this site was to build a simple site with an emphasis on its idyllic rural location. We therefore opted to include several photos of the beautiful surroundings in which it is set and have given it a theme which gives a real feel of the countryside.

Due to the cottage being located in Wales the client wanted to have a translator tool to accommodate their Welsh speaking customers we were able to fulfil this request by adding a translator tool which not only gives a Welsh translation but also translates the site into dozens more languages thus increasing the potential bookings to a worldwide audience.

Visit is a huge site with literally thousands of pages which we will be an ongoing project for some time. We have had to be careful as to not affect the current high rankings of the existing pages. We have therefore had to update the site in sections methodically and carefully.

Some of the existing pages are over 10 years old so we have to be particularly attentive with these pages because they will have to undergo some serious alterations to bring them up to date without having a negative affect on their rankings. So far so good!