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improve search engine rankingsSEO or Search Engine Optimisation is all about getting your website to the top of the results on We find Google achieves 90% of business. Depending on how competitive your market is, it can be very easy or very difficult.

We have achieved top three rankings on Google within 24 hours for ‘non competitive’ key words – whereas highly competitive sites may take months if not years. It has to be born in mind also that Google can change the results’ algorithms (criteria required for top ranking) at any time which will means a repositioning of web sites. There is no way this can be prevented, whatever any “expert” tells you. I have been working on SEO for 14 years, that is before Google was invented!

(Official Google Web Statistics for one of our websites alone show that for the year 2010 we received 4,701,379 page views, from 1,614,931 visits to the website, having an average of 4,424 visitors per day.)

However nobody can guarantee that any websites or indeed our own websites can achieve top rankings on Google and retain that position, Believe me.

Watch your busines grow

What we can do, using tried and tested techniques is to get you highly ranked for certain key words. This does take a lot of time and effort, but fortunately for your business you can do much of the work yourself.

You might say that you have seen sites that are always highly ranked, but often these are the paid for listings. Of course you can pay for top rankings – it is a perfectly legitimate procedure – and  is the way Google and many of its clients make their money. Unfortunately the cost of the “paid for” listings can often outweigh the benefit from the sales. Paid for listings are an option however, and we at are happy to assist in this process.

Our preference is to help you achieve high rankings from organic methods, which has nothing to do with being “green”, more a case of using common sense. When setting up your website we will ensure that all pages and indeed the website itself receives initial SEO, and where Content Management Systems are used we will instruct you in the ongoing practices needed to improve rankings.Get a free quote today